EVS Series Controllers



GSI Electronics TC6-Series Controllers offer total environmental management of Hi-Lo temperature, heater run time, water consumption, relative humidity probe, and static pressure compensation.

Integrate all components...

  • Variable speed fans
  • ON / OFF fans
  • Heaters
  • Misting
  • Air Inlets
  • Chimney Dampers
  • Heat Mats and Lamps
  • Alarms

TC6 Series Controller Features Include:

  • Variable stages with seamless merge feature. When second variable stage starts the first variable stage can go to minimum
  • Up to 6 ON/OFF stages for fans, heat or misting
  • Two 0-10 Volt Inputs to operate chimney dampers, air inlets or heating
  • Air Inlet output with potentiometer feedback
  • Day & night temperature set points
  • Alarm parameters automatically adjust as the outside temperature changes
  • Short cut keys for quick access to individual settings
  • Outdoor temperature compensation on variable stage bandwidths
  • Memory Stick for quick setting of multiple controls and for storing settings
  • Indicator lights on Control show current operating status for all parameters
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