EVS Series Controllers

Expert 4x4 Controller


The Expert 4x4 Climate Controller features two speed variable speed stages with twelve on/off stages for controlling fans, heaters, time clocks, and circulating fans.

Other features include:

  • Two Air Inlet outputs
  • Two 0-10 Volt outputs
  • Dry contacts for feeder run time
  • Water meter input
  • RH Probe input
  • Static pressure probe input
  • 16 Line display shows related information at a glance
  • Indicator lights show activity status for all relays
  • Relays have On/Off Auto switches
  • LED lights show status of each ventilation stage
  • Active alarms flash on the status bar
  • Day and Night programming
  • Flexible ventilation programming. Select which components you want activated at each stage
  • Memory Card for quick up or down loading programs
  • Test Mode to check control settings without affecting the current settings
  • Minimum ventilation curve to follow ventilation changes
Literature   Expert 4x4 Ventilation System.pdf